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gbye kickstarter

Why we kick @kickstarter into touch?

Today we kicked Kickstarter into touch. Why we did this?

Before we started our campaign on Kickstarter, we believed it was a great place to show you and media the potential of elephant door™.

We are very thankful for all the kind words, support and interest, but the situation in last days has changed.
Recently, the media have been flooded with a wave of negative reviews of several brands that have collected huge funds on Kickstarter. Several months after the end of their successful campaigns they have not fulfill promises given to those who supported them. It strongly reflected on interest of media in innovative products on Kickstarter.

Therefore we decided that this is not the right place for us. We do not want to be associated with unfair practices against people who have given us support and we've decided to pull our campaign with 16 days to go. Instead of collecting money on another crowdfounding website we decided to take a future in our hands.

In 2 weeks we’ll start to collect pre-orders and offer you money back guarantee if we will not fulfill our promise. You will be able to help us directly and if something will go wrong you know whom to ask. We’ve got also something special for you. From now to the end of December you will get 20% discount for elephant door. You just have to subscribe to our newsletter.

Thank you and stay tuned!
Elephant Team