We care about your safety

Safety made simple

We are here to help you live safely. With our solutions, it is really easy—by combining technology and creativity, we make them available to everyone. What is more, we are constantly working on their development, so that they suit you and complement your lifestyle. We will help you protect it and ensure safety, as we believe that it will allow you to feel safe without needing to worry about everyone and everything that is important to you.

We connect safety and health

We use technologically advanced solutions in a way that makes them friendly because we want to protect you in many different ways. This is why we do not limit our work to a single category; what is more, we cooperate with consultants associated with the police, developers, insurers, and many others.

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Awards and partners

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Meet our team

Each of us has different skills and experiences, but of the greatest importance are the things that unite us: our shared vision and unique way of thinking. Together, we change the definition of safety by introducing solutions that have not been widely available before—we go beyond the existing patterns and treat safety in an innovative, multidimensional way, combining it with health.




Founder & CEO



Head of Engineering