Dbamy o Twoje bezpieczeństwo
Dbamy o Twoje bezpieczeństwo

The smartest door alarm
that secures the door to your world

80% of break-ins take place through doors.

  • Easy to use
  • No wires
  • No fees
  • Portable
  • DIY installation
  • Smartphone notifications
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Everything started with a burglary.

In 2014 our friend had her flat burgled and everything was stolen. We wanted to help her and we were furious that there was so little we could do. We started searching for solutions that would help her get her peace of mind again. The more we learned about a security the more we realized that there is no simple and effective solution available. Traditional alarm systems are complicated. Moreover, they are usually quite expensive and you usually have to redecorate your flat after the system has been installed. We decided to change that!

Everything you love is finally safe

We created elephant door™ to protect your lifestyle. Thanks to an innovative technology it's a complete security system in a single device! No fitters, no complex devices, no extra charges. Simple and effective solution that detects even break-in attempts.

Sprawniejszy od włamywacza

elephant door™
detects even burglary attempts

  1. Scares the thieves away and alerts your neighbors with a loud siren
  2. Sends alerts to yours and your neighbors' smartphones
  3. You will install it on your door in just one minute

At last: security where you need it

elephant door™ protects you by your rules. You can install it wherever you need it by yourself, without the help of an installer – that way, you’ll maintain complete privacy. And as for usage fees... there are simply none.

Elephant mobile app is your safety and security hub

  • Control
    Turn the elephant door™ on and off
  • Respond
    Receive and send alert messages
  • Discover
    Get advice from the elephant Safety Academy/li>
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elephant door™ fits any door... and more

Mały biznas
Małe biura

You only need two things: the elephant door™ system and your door... or a cupboard, drawer etc. You decide what you want to protect.


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